Private Villa

Innovation Meets Inspiration

The villa is designed to be modern and open-plan, maximizing natural light and space. Upon entering, the double-volume entrance foyer imparts a grand feeling, leading to a double-height sitting area with a skylight above that enhances the sense of openness and luxury. The first floor houses five ensuite bedrooms and a family room, while the ground floor features a guest bedroom connected to a semi-private sitting area, which can be detached from the main villa. Additionally, the ground floor includes two majlis, one for men and another for ladies.

Private Villa

Building Tomorrow, One Design at a Time

The basement is dedicated to services, boasting a vast multi-purpose hall and a gaming room. The exterior is distinguished by a prominent metal canopy, setting the villa apart within the community. Both the front and rear facades incorporate a metal mesh with a modern pattern to reduce sunlight and create a shadow effect. Natural travertine stone is used in the entrance feature wall for a human touch, complemented by marble for an added sense of luxury.

Private Villa

Competed Project with Modern Architectural Design

Nadd Al Shiba