Private Villa

Your Dream, Our Design

The villa is designed with a modern aesthetic, featuring an open-plan layout that maximizes natural light. The main feature of the villa is an internal court, a client-requested element inspired by the traditional houses of old Damascus. This internal court serves as the heart of the house, gathering all rooms around it and incorporating a water feature. The entrance boasts a double-volume foyer, creating a grand and impressive first impression. The double-height sitting area, illuminated by a skylight, enhances the feeling of openness and luxury.

Private Villa

Luxury in Every Line

The first floor includes five ensuite bedrooms and a family room, ensuring ample space for comfort and privacy. On the ground floor, a guest bedroom is connected to a semi-private sitting area that can be detached from the main villa for added versatility. The exterior is distinguished by a main black stone wall with a cross pattern, making the villa a standout within the community. Natural travertine stone is used as a feature wall at the entrance, adding a human touch to the sophisticated design.

Private Villa

Competed Project with Crafting Elegant Space

Nadd Al Shiba